It’s a long Hue from Hanoi

Location: Hue, Vietnam.

Highlight: Fancy dress on the sleeper train from Hanoi

The idea of an 18 hour sleeper train may sound like a strange choice for our highlight, but let me set the scene:

  • 4 person carriage booked out by Matt, Amy and us (yep, we’re still gatecrashing their romantic getaway)
  • Beds long enough to fit all 6ft 6 of Tom
  • Plug socket so we can play music without bleeding battery life
  • A catalogue of games
  • Cheap beers
  • Cheap-er Halloween costumes
Not two people you want to be stuck in a 4 man carriage for 18 hours with

We had a lot of fun and especially enjoyed none of the Vietnamese people at the train station reacting to the costumes and acting like they would if we weren’t wearing them, and playing some cracking games like “What’s my favourite”, “Categories” and “On a slow boat to China”.

We arrived in Hue and after a nap headed out for some delicious seafood (and a plate of deep fried frogs for Matt), followed by a quiet night of playing pool at DMZ (de-militarized zone).

The next day we had our explorer’s bandannas on and tourist cameras loaded, and we were ready to see the Old Town.

Vietnam’s newest and baddest boy-band: SiToMa

Wandering around the Old Town was very pleasant, although a lot of it had been reduced to rubble by the French in 1947 so it was partly magnificent, partly weeds and wasteland.

After a busy day of exploring, we returned to our hotels to ready ourselves for sampling the Hue nightlife.

Explorers returning back from their exploring.

We went to an establishment called Brown Eyes and enjoyed the company of the super fun staff:


… and a cool laser show inside.hue-headbands

We picked up a BBQ’d sweet potato on the way back to satiate the muchies.

Ready to head off to Da Nang in the morning. 7:00 wake up? Eurgh.

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