Temples and drinks – both in excess

Location: Chiang Mai.

Highlight: BNO with new friends from Portsmouth

We took a 12 hour overnight bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and fortunately managed to sleep through most of it.

Goodbye Bangkok

It was then a case of exploring the city, so we wandered around between the many temples on the way.


We went to lunch with friends living in Chiang Mai for a while – Wouter and Stephanie

Having been walking so much in the 35 degree heat, we’d worked up quite a thirst.

My Chang in Chiang Mai

We were looking all over for a good place for a drink, and being thrifty gentlemen we always keep an eye out for a deal.

Much to our delight, this popped up at us:


Now we’re not ones to turn down a challenge – so obligingly accepted their offer for ALL THE BEER.

90 minutes later; we were no longer thirsty, and they no longer had all the beers.

What can happen when you have had all the beer is that decisions become less well thought through.

Such as the decision to head to a bar afterwards.

Such as the decision to head to a club after that with a big group of people we made friends with at said bar.

Such as the decision to make our own ways back home separately after losing each other in the club.

Such as the decision to try and find the way back without a map and each of us taking over an hour to walk 15 minutes.

Such as the decision by Tom (who made it back first) to leave his phone off, meaning that when he finally arrived, Simon had to bang on the front door loud enough that a poor guest in another room could let him in.

It’s a learning process.

In other news – we are no longer visiting Laos, partly due to expensive Visas, partly there’s no easy way to get there and partly not enough time to do it properly. So more time in Vietnam and Thai

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