…and we made it

Location: Bangkok. Day’s Highlight: Seeing the food cooked before our eyes with flames flying high into the air

Just to confirm for our avid followers, we safely made it to Bangkok. We had a slight hiccup with the in-flight entertainment on BA, which cut out mid-flight leaving George Clooney at gunpoint and poor Dory all alone in an aquarium – we’re waiting to see if we get any compensation… watch this space!

*UPDATE* BA have given us each 5,000 airmiles for the inconvenience. Thanks BA, that’s over 20% of the cost of the flight back – that’ll do nicely. *UPDATE OVER*

We found our hotel on Khao San Road with little trouble and made it up to the rooftop pool to be met with this:

It’s out of order that it’s out of order

Our grumbles didn’t last long though as there’s a second pool which looked a little like this:

instagram pool.PNG

… and a little like that:

sunset in Bangkok

We tried our first Thai food and beer, which included a bony green chicken curry and seafood glass noodles:

Simon couldn’t handle his chilli…

We spent the evening exploring Chinatown, a street kitchen was our dining place of choice:

Simon blends right in

After dinner, more wandering around china town ensued:

It’s been a smashing start to the trip – we’re looking forward to another night in Bangkok before heading to Chiang Mai on 21/10.

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Much Love,

Late 20’s Crisis


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