Q&A with Simon & Tom

To help you get to know us a little better before we head off on our adventure, we have prepared a Q&A – if you have other questions you’d like to know our answers to, feel free to ask away in the comments below or on Twitter @late20scrisis.

Q: Why are you in a Late 20’s Crisis?

T: I have been continuously working and/or studying without taking enough time out to explore the other side of the world, so I removed the obstacle holding me back at present – by resigning. I loved my job but the time felt right. I had been saving enough money to allow myself to take a break and explore the world.

S: Bored and unsatisfied with work; other friends getting married; hate winter; always wanted to travel and love organising holidays etc, so get to plan a 6 month one in the sun.

Q: Why do you think more and more late 20 year olds are in Crisis?

S: Everyone always wants to show what a great time they’re having to everyone else, driven by social media, but the truth may be very different. We’re the first generation that’s meant to be poorer than our parents, so with the ease of modern travel nowadays, why not go exploring?!

T: We live in times where information sharing is so easy, the cost of flying keeps falling and people are living for longer, which all fuels our inquisitiveness to go and see the world.

Q: What form do you think your Late 20s Crisis is taking?

T: A reassessment of priorities and goals – I’ve decided that I’m through with living in London, so I’ve started looking for utpoia. I have been living in Munich for the past 5 months and seeing some other European cities – and feel i love with Munich and Zurich in particular. Also I’ve started writing a book (and blog!) as writing has always been a weakness of mine.

S: Bored and unsatisfied with working all week and spending too long on overcrowded third world transport in a suit. Therefore thinking there must be more to life than this.

Q: What unusual items are you bringing with you?

S: Rio sarong – always abused.

T: Multi-purpose bandanna – so badass. Also some acrylic paints and a palate knife for when the mood takes me!

Q: Which places are you most looking forward to visiting?

T: Cherry Blossom festival in Japan, New Zealand and idyllic islands in Indonesia.

S: Philippines or Japan.

Q: Where is the best place you have visited previously?

S: Sugarloaf mountain in Rio de Janeiro.

T: Munnar tea plantations in Kerala, India.

Q: Which tunes will be the soundtrack for your trip?

S: Taytay.

T: Simon’s Taylor Swift/One D playlist.

Q: How are you paying for the trip?

T: I have been saving money each month for a while.

S: Temp work 2-3 days a week for the past couple of months, selling shares and selling old clothes on ebay.

Q: What have you done since quitting your job?

S: I had to work 2 of my 3 months notice. Luckily the final month was amazing weather so i spent my actual gardening leave in the garden. I’ve moved back home to save on rent and spent time doing the above – contracting above, watching my shares etc. oh and I’ve squeezed in a few trips to Yacht Week in Croatia, Munich to see Tom and a stag do in Ibiza, as well as a couple of weddings.

T: Living in Munich working 3 days a week (it was more of a “soft” quitting), travelling around, popping back to the UK for weddings and mum’s 60th and writing a book.

Q: What are you most likely to miss?

T: My girlfriend Emilie.

S: Xmas meals and watching Elf while drinking port. Though I am bringing a copy of Elf with me.

Q: What is your expected daily routine while travelling?

S: 100 press ups, checking shares (is it obvious yet I worked in banking?!), updating the blog, I’m also going to attempt to learn Spanish – a separate trip to South America could be on the cards!

T: Writing 1,000 words a day, planning the day ahead, checking the latest Brexit fall out in the news… and having a different amazing experience every day while broadening my horizons and learning about new cultures.

Q: What do you want to do/achieve while travelling?

T: Come out of my Late 20’s crisis ready to hit my 30’s head on! I want to meet new people and learn about their cultures, taste new foods, see new sights. I want to think about my own life priorities and understand better what I want from where I will eventually choose to live.

S: “Find myself”. If I can learn Spanish and come back with an amazing business idea too, then I won’t complain. If anyone can point me in the direction of “the one”, even better.

Q: What is the first thing in your backpack

S: Passport.

T: Sketchbook.

Q: What are you most looking forward to?

T: The surprises – the unexpected times that we discover something we didn’t even know we were looking for.

S: Seeing some beautiful scenery…I’m looking for the best sunrises, sunsets and some nights on the beach under the stars.

Q: What is your Biggest worry?

S: Not having enough time to see everything we should.

T: Not making the most of our time.

Q: What are you expecting to be the biggest culture shock?

T: Unfamiliar climate and languages.

S: Xmas on a beach in the Philippines rather than back home.

Q: Finally, what is your favourite memory with Simon/Tom?

S: Audit Academy – a 3 day team bonding/learning experience out the office with a black tie dinner on the final night.

T: Dive bar in Denver – coming back the next day to pick up the credit card we left behind the bar and being greated by a load of Americans we didn’t recognise who shouted “Hey it’s Tom and Simon! Look guys, it’s the brits who can’t hold their drink from last night!”

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Late 20’s Crisis


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