Who said accountants don’t have fun?

So we thought it might be worth explaining who we are and how we met…
Tom (l) and Simon (r) enjoying a 2am XXXL burger on a trip stateside
Having graduated from university, we both took the inevitable plunge into the corporate world to join the audit graduate scheme of one of the Big 4 accountancy firms in London, where thanks to numerous networking events and college over the first few weeks, we quickly struck up a friendship that was built on a love for free nights out paid for by our employer and a disdain for the job itself.
a typical work bonding session for Simon and Tom
We also discovered the beauty of earning airmiles (more on this in a later post) by paying for work expenses on credit cards, effectively earning us free flights. This has allowed us to book some of our intra-Asia flights for the trip for a fraction of the cost of a normal cash ticket and this is something we would certainly recommend for any budding travellers out there.
Never a fan of the audit career, we both suffered some less than glamorous jobs in the likes of Slough, Maidenhead and Hook, but continued to muddle through the monotony by milking the work perks whenever possible.
We both went our separate ways shortly after qualifying – Tom to a start-up going through a financing round and Simon into investment banking. We’ve always been the two most organised and pro-active of our friendship group so managed to continue to find time to travel and our adventures together to date have taken us to Benicassim, Marbella, Amsterdam, Munich, Lisbon, Denver and California.
 Another two and a half years later, with friends beginning to get married and engaged, and us feeling like we were approaching burn-out having worked one t00-many weekends or late evenings, we both felt something needed to change but what were we to do? For Simon, he had the stress and time commitment of his job coupled with the dissatisfaction of not being able to afford to buy his own place in the increasingly expensive London market in spite of his working hours and the fact that many of his friends were settling down. Having always wanted to travel properly, one evening he had had enough and quit his job first thing next morning. Around the same time, Tom having completed the financing for his start-up and also wanting to explore the world and considering moving abroad, also quit his job. A few brief conversations later and the decision was made, we’d both hit our own Late 20’s Crisis and it was time for us to pack our bags and see the world, which brings us to where we are today.
We have a rough plan of where we’ll go and have booked some of our flights and our first 2 nights accommodation in Bangkok. Other than that, there still feels a lot to do – given we both enjoy organising trips – but we’re also fully aware that much of the best things will be discovered by recommendations from other people once there, which we will then be sharing with you.
We fly on 18 October and in the meantime we quite aptly have two weddings each to attend before then, and our flights back are booked for just before Easter (in time for another wedding in case you’re wondering…) giving us 6 months on this trip, which can’t come soon enough now!
And just to prove the title of this post…
Auditors know how to have fun at a Xmas party



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Much Love,

Late 20’s Crisis


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