Fail to prepare – Prepare to fail

Nothing says ‘in control of life admin’ like Late 20’s Crisis.

Though it turns out that properly planning a 6 month trip saves lots of money and because it makes it more of a reality it can really fun too.

While we’re in the process of readying ourselves for our travels, we want to share the top tips we’ve picked up along the way – and we will update this post at a later date when we find out what we missed!


We love Google Sheets. It’s a great collaborative tool so that when we’re not together we can make live edits and comments for each other to respond to.

Another great thing about using Google Sheets is that we can share it with you all. Which means you can keep track of how close we are to what we budgeted and it’s a template for you to build your own budget from. Follow the link here for the Late 20’s Crisis Budget. We will regularly update it with what we actually spent so that you have an idea of how much these things really cost.

Know how much you have set aside to spend and think about the initial costs before the next, most difficult part of the prep:


When you have so many recommendations and places you’d love to see but so little time to do it all in, this is a real challenge.

There is a compromise to be found between not spending enough time and money at each place to make the most out of it, but we all want to see as much as we can.

Our route has been mapped out in the Late 20’s Crisis Budget so you can see how much we are planning to fit in during our 6 months away. We’ve changed it five or six times before we’ve even left!


We will be travelling as light as possible, and will share a detailed kit list with you in a future blog post.

Insurance, Visas and Vaccines

Nothing more to say other than don’t forget about these, it’s not worth the aggro and though it isn’t as much fun as mapping out your route it is equally necessary.

And with all of that in place, you’re good to go! It’s the beginning of your adventure – your Late 20’s Crisis is beginning to look more like an organised adventure!

Keep up to date with more helpful hints and updates about how we are getting on as we ride out our Late 20’s Crisis.

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Much Love,

Late 20’s Crisis


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