Hello World – and goodbye London!

Hello World,

You may be a young professional in the city, you may have been working hard for 5-10 years, your bank account and CV might now be looking respectable. Maybe you have a professional qualification, maybe you are considering buying a house, maybe you are considering that next career move, maybe you are looking to settle down. Everything is on track.


Thoughts start creeping in like “Now that I have this professional experience and a qualification I needn’t worry about job security.” or “When will I ever be in the sweet spot between not having any money and having family commitments again?”

For Crisis Simon and Crisis Tom, this is exactly what happened. Enjoy the journey with them, and ride the wave of the late 20’s crisis together as they quit their city jobs and embark on a 6 month adventure around Southeast Asia and Australasia.

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Much Love,

Late 20’s Crisis


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